Glia - Glosys AI Powered Chatbot

AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS enabled Platform for Support Team to manage Glosys AI Powered Chatbot to deal with tickets

Glia Overview

Glia, One of the components of glosys Desk Platform, provides AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications and Services for Support Team to work together and resolve customer issues using Glosys AI Powered Chatbot in the digital world

Features We offer

Contextual AI driven Glia Powered Knowledgebase Bot

Glia processes the queries from the customers and provides appropriate solutions from Knowledge Base

Sentiment Analysis

Glia identifies the sentiment behind every ticket and adds to its context for making agents to prioritize and take the best possible action

Glia Predictions

Glia makes predictions across unusual activities, ticket tags for decision-makers to investigate with ease.

AI powered Glia Notifications

Automated Notifications for Agents and escalations to Managers

Glia Dashboard for Tickets Activity Monitoring

Machine Learning based Collaborative Ticketing and Activity Logs

Meet Your Customer Support Objectives & Needs