glosys Juniors Platform -
Online Coding for School Students

An Integrated online Coding for School Students with Grades from 6 to 12 for boosting IT Skills in the next generation digital world

Glosys Junior Platform Highlights

Glosys Juniors, a unit of Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in Chennai, provides an Integrated online Coding Platform for School Students with Grades from 4 to 12 for boosting IT Skills in the next generation digital world developed and managed by professionals having rich experience in the IT sector. It offers excellent services to the students in different schools belonging to CBSE, ICSE, Matriculation and State Boards all over India

Why should we join in Glosys Juniors?

Step 1 : Explore Certification Programs corresponding to your Grades for Technological Growth

Go through all modules involved in the selected sertificaation programs

Step 2 : Select the certification program to enroll to become an Expert

If you are not able to take decision properly, discuss with our technical mentors.

We are here to help you to serve better.

Step 3 : Join & Enjoy your online live training in Glosys Juniors

Take practise on Coding assignments regularly

Experience on challenging projects during training

Step 4 : Get Certifications after finishing hectic training

Now, you will definitely be happy and confident to face the digital world as you undergo different stages of online tests, assignments and projects.

Meet IT Coding Objectives & Needs for Your Students