glosys HR Software

AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaSS enabled Platform for HR Team to manage candidate sourcing, screening, assessment, employee onbarding, HRIS, time-off, timesheet and performance review activities

glosys HCM Overview

glosys HCM, a platform of Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in Chennai, provides AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaSS Applications and Services for HR Team to manage candidate sourcing, screening, assessment, employee onbarding, HRIS, time-off, timesheet and performance review activities in the digital world

Next Generation Digital Hiring in Technology and Business Era

Prepare for the future

With the proliferation of digital technologies and new business models, we work on different possible permutations and combinations to observe the changes which keep happening for better outcomes and higher efficiency to analyse the demand and develop new competencies.

  • Explainable AI

    Glosys helps companies manage and use web and mobile applications to meet the unique, diverse and ever-changing needs of the customers. We leverage our expertise to accelerate time-to-market for improving customer experience.

  • With the sophisticated power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, We enable the industries to render online analytical processing activities and derive insights from huge amount of data collected from various sources using ML Tools, APIs, SDKs and deep learning frameworks such as tensorflow, keras, PyTorch

  • Big Data Technology is redefining the way the industries derive insights from the data that is managed and integrated from different sources across multichannels.

  • We provide the powerful features and solutions for the managed cloud environment that is fully integrated with the multiple layers of Services such as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service encompassing cloud automation tools.


Create a competitive edge for unprecedented growth

Technology is moving into the next orbit with the emerging areas including Machine-Machine Interaction, Software Defined Everything, Smart Environments and Autonomous Devices.

  • We provide services for Cyber forensics, Cyber Laws, Prevention of Cyber Attacks, OpenSSL, VPN, VLAN, Firewalls with IPTables,, Intrusion Detection with Tools, Authentication, Authorization, Identity and Access Control, Vulnerability Assessment, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting Attacks, OS and Cloud Security

  • We provide services for functional testing, continuous integration continuous delivery, security testing, load and performance testing, user acceptance testing, test management for Data Science based web, mobile and chatbot applications

  • We provide services for Interfacing Sensor with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, IoT Device, IoT Gateway using Raspberry Pi environment Input Output Devices, Communication with Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, RFID Readers, Tags with Raspberry Pi, Yocto Build, Interfacing with IoT Cloud using Raspberry Pi and Arduino

  • We provide services for Bitcoin Mining, Ethereum, Private and Public Block chain Environment, Smart Contracts, Mining and Transfer of Ether, Hyperlegder composer, Consensus, Multichain platform, Block chain Applications

glosys HCM Platform

Glosys product research and development division harnesses creativity in its people, triggers new ideas in terms of preparation, investigation, transformation, incubation, illumination and builds up successful, groundbreaking products. Glosys leverages its culture, innovation processes through significant breakthrough representing major shift in design to seize new opportunities in the marketplace and grow its business exponentially.


An Integrated AI driven Recruitment Platform for sourcing team to create and publish the jobs to the career site, social media channels and various job boards

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An Integrated AI driven Recruitment Platform for screening team to automatically parse the resumes of the candidates and populates their profiles based on filters

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An Integrated AI driven Recruitment Platform for Assessment team to manage various activities such as coding test, interview scheduling, score cards and offer reports

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An Integrated AI driven HR Platform for Onboarding team to send and collect all documents and forms online for the new hire before joining the company

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An Integrated AI driven HR Platform for HRIS team to manage different employee information such as payroll, performance, timeoff and timesheet management

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An Integrated AI driven HR Platform for Timeoff team to manage time-off policies, holidays, time-off requests, approval workflows and leave balances

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An Integrated AI driven HR Platform for HRIS team to track work schedules, total no. of hours including overtime based on certain clients, projects or tasks

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An Integrated AI driven HR Platform for Performance Review team to configure and manage appraisal forms, compensation rewards and to create and reach personal and organizational goals

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