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Data & Analytics Services for Business focus on Data Collection and Integration, Data Storage and Management, Data Governance and Quality, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

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Data & Analytics Services

Data Collection and Integration Services

Data Sources: Identifying and integrating data from various sources, including databases, cloud services, IoT devices, social media, and enterprise applications.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load): Processes to extract data from sources, transform it into a usable format, and load it into a data warehouse or data lake.

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Data Storage and Management Services

Data Warehouses: Central repositories for structured data, optimized for query and analysis such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery.

Data Lakes: Storage systems for large volumes of raw, unstructured data such as Hadoop, AWS S3.

Database Management Systems: Software for storing and managing data such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB.

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Data Governance and Quality Services

Data Governance: Policies and processes to ensure data integrity, security, and compliance.

Data Quality: Tools and techniques to clean, validate, and maintain high-quality data.

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Data Analytics Services

Descriptive Analytics: Analyzing historical data to understand past performance.

Predictive Analytics: Using statistical models and machine learning to predict future outcomes.

Prescriptive Analytics: Providing recommendations for actions based on data insights.

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Data Visualization Services

Dashboards: Interactive tools for visualizing key metrics and performance indicators such as Tableau, Power BI.

Reports: Automated and ad-hoc reporting tools for detailed data analysis

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Business Intelligence Services

BI Platforms: Integrated tools for data analysis, reporting, and visualization such as Power BI, QlikView.

Self-Service BI: Tools that enable non-technical users to access and analyze data such as Tableau, Looker.

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