Procurement for Hospitality

AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS enabled PMS Platform for Procurement Team to connect with suppliers effectively and gain better goods and services with cost optimization for Hospitality Sector

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Glosys Procurement for Hospitality - Overview

Glosys Procurement, a platform of Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in Chennai, provides AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications and Services for Digital Hospitality PMS managed by professionals having rich experience in the IT sector

Featured Work for Hospitality PMS

Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. develops solutions for building technology and business software that solves complex issues behind challenging areas of Cloud Management, Analytics, Security Management, Testing & Quality Assurance, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and establishes Center of Excellence(CoE) Labs for Big data, Security, Testing, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.