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glosys PMS / Research

Research Areas

Glosys Artificial Intelligence Research

Deep Learning Research for Image Captioning, Multi object detection, Named Entity Recognition, Speech Recognition
Supervised Learning Models, Regression, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning Models
Big Data Research for Hadoop environment, Streaming and Unstructured Data,

Device analytics, predictive analytics, Social Media Analytics,
Descriptive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Exploratory Analytics,
Business Intelligence Research for Data modeling, data architecture, data integration, master data management, meta data management,

Personalization Services, community and context-aware BI, Behavioral BI
Data Cleaning, Data Selection and Transformation Services,
Machine Learning Research for Application Data sources, Data Visualization Services

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Glosys Software Engineering & Blockchain Research

Web/Mobile User Interface / User Experience Design and Development
Blockchain Usecases for Retail, Healthcare, Education, Travel and Hospitality Sectors
Data Base Design and Manipulation for Unstructured, Semi Structured, Structured and In-Memory Data bases

Middleware services and Object Relation Mapping Operations
Integration of Model, View and Controller Objects and Patterns
Front end Research for developing HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, AJAX, Angular JS, React JS, Flutter, Bootstrap

Back end Research for MVC Frameworks behind PHP, Laravel, Python, Django, Node JS, RoR, Java, Spring, Hibernate
Integrated Research for developing Mobile applications for Android, Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap, Swift, Objective C

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Glosys Cloud Infrastructure Research

Cloud Infrastructure Research for PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS delivery models
Private, Public and Hybrid deployment models
Virtual data center, Software Defined Networking Services

Cloud Application services such as Application migration or monitoring on IaaS or PaaS Cloud
Testing environments in cloud, High Performance Computing applications
Cloud VMs for deployment, testing and training

Cloud Management and Monitoring Services for SLA, Autoscaling, cloud bursting, backup, failover, DR
Cloud Security Services, Cloud operations framework – Devops

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Glosys Cyber Security Research

Security Services for Attacks and Exploits, Buffer Overflow, Code Injection, Format String Vulnerabilities, memory exploits
Web security Research for SQL Injection, Session Hijacking, Cross-site Request Forgery, Cross-site Scripting

Penetration and Fuzz testing Research for Threat Modeling, Secure FTP
Cryptography Research for Security against chosen cipher-text attacks, padding-oracle attacks, SSL/TLS

Watermarking, Identity and Access Management, Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Certificate Authority, Anti-Virus, Spatio and Temporal based Access Control

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Glosys Quality Assurance Research

Penetration testing to analyse your application for technical flaws or run a Vulnerability testing scan
Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery for Web and Mobile Applications
Unit / Functional Testing for web applications

Load and Performance Testing for web applications, Web log analysis
Data driven Test Automation, Test design, execution and test monitoring
Security Testing for web applications

Mobile Application Testing, Mobile Accessibility testing, Mobile performance testing
Test Management for web applications
User Acceptance Testing for web applications

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Glosys Internet of Technology Research

Research for Collecting data from sensors, devices, applications
Offer services for setting up Internet of Things Environment
Assist the clients to have expertise for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM, PIC, AVR
IoT Usecases for Intel Galileo, Edison Boards

Services for communication between devices through wifi, gsm, zigbee, bluetooth
To have sound understanding for IoT Cloud Frameworks
Research for IoT Programming environments for Embedded C, Python, Node JS

Artificial Intelligence Research for Internet of Things Environments
Integrated Services for IoT Device, IoT Gateway, IoT Cloud

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