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AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS enabled Platform for Support Team to work together and resolve customer issues for Healthcare Sector

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Glosys Desk for Healthcare - Overview

Glosys Desk, a platform of Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in Chennai, provides AI & Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications and Services for Digital Retail Environment managed by professionals having rich experience in the IT sector

Featured work for Glosys Healthcare Desk

Patients Ticketing and Self Service

Prioritization, Categorization and Assignment of tickets to the right agents in the healthcare industry. Tickets filtering, spliting and merging depending upon the issues of patients. Redistribution of workload based on SLA compliance rates. Automated Notifications for Agents and escalations to Managers. Machine Learning based Collaborative Ticketing and Activity Logs.

Automated Bots for the patients to help themselves for the issues raised. AI enabled Construction of Knowledge Base for multiple products. Effective Community Forums to have patient experience. Help Widget for the patients to find answers

Doctors Collaboration and Field Service

Parallel work of multiple teams to Resolve issues of the patients faster and Smarter. Accountability of Parent-child Ticketing. Periodical Status Updates for Linked Tickets. AI enabled Teams Collaboration for better patient experience

Automated Appointment Scheduling with patients through Bots. Real-time Status tracking of teams of doctors and nurses for better field service. Improving Response time of Field team to expand service area. Omnichannel Patients Engagement through mails and social networks

Glia for patients and Omnichannel engagement

Glia processes the queries from the patients and provides appropriate solutions from Knowledge Base. Glia identifies the sentiment behind every ticket and adds to its context for making agents to prioritize and take the best possible action. Glia makes predictions across unusual activities, ticket tags for decision-makers to investigate with ease.

Patient service emails are made available in an interface to respond for the assignment of tickets. Leverage cloud telephony to receive and make phone calls and also log, record, and monitor these calls. Transform calls into tickets and associate them with existing tickets. Focus on patient communication via social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Respond to tweets and set keyword alerts not to miss posts. Personalized Chatting with patients in timely mannaer to understand issues and converting them into tickets. Embedding a customizable web form widget on website for patients to submit their queries and managing automated conversion of support tickets

SLA Management for Healthcare

Execute the created tickets depending upon the accounts associated with patients. In the case of SLA violations, escalate the overdue tickets automatically to the relevant manager or agent to manage tickets more efficiently.

Redistribution of workload based on SLA compliance rates. Track number of overdue tickets, SLA breaches, and average response times with respect to team performance of doctors and nurses

Desk Security for Healthcare

Focuses on various roles such as doctors, nurses and admin staff to create an organization chart by setting the actions to manage patients. Assigning roles with profiles and allocate permissions to perform actions pertaining to patient service.

Access Control over patient data to view and/or edit using data sharing permissions. Providing the privileges and access rights of doctors/nurses/agents in the team based on their roles and responsibilities.

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